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Mathematics in Industry and Technology (MIT) Challenge

The MIT Challenge is a competition for teams of four year 11-12 students that is designed to give students a taste of real world consulting. The competition engages students in all aspects of consulting: meeting the client and understanding the client's problem, working together as a team, discussing ideas, planning a solution strategy, communicating ideas to the client in both written and oral presentations.

The format of the competition is: an industry representative (“the client”) presents a real world problem for the teams (“the consultants”) to establish a solution approach within 2 hours 30 minutes. The teams submit a written report of their proposed solution. The 5 top ranked teams give a 5-minute talk about their findings.

This competition is suitable for strong Year 11 and 12 mathematics students. In particular, it is aimed at students who are enrolled in Specialist Mathematics 1/2, Mathematical Methods 3/4 or Specialist Mathematics 3/4.

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